Gender sensitivity isn’t just the need of the hour but a revolution needed per minute. With that keeping in mind, to celebrate the pride month we are launching our new series “it’s not just a phase”


Every summer brings heat waves. But it also ushers in a tide of change and awareness. The pride month of June stands in opposition to stereotypical ideas about gendered distinctions based on biological sex, which feeds into and even serves stereotyped expectations and presuppositions.

With the repeating of seasons, one can deduce the repetition of thoughts, and with that, we are launching our new series titled ‘Not Just A Phase!’. In honour of Pride Month, we aim to spread awareness regarding the LGBTQ community. With Pride month being about celebrating people’s struggles, pride parades and educating ourselves about the LGBTQ community, it was the perfect time to launch the series.

Follow-up blogs and their significance

The lined-up blogs are going to paint a picture of the history of the pride movement and its genesis, an introductory guide to gender-related terms, their significance and sensitized usage. As words carry meanings and meanings carry intent; hence, we intend to convey knowledge.

We are also going to touch upon ‘controversial’ yet pressing matters like transgender inclusivity at work and educational institutions. We will also look into a detailed description of ways to support our friends and family members who come out as members of the LGBTQ community and ways to normalize taboos related to transgenders and create awareness about the same. We will also provide the readers with first-hand experiences by writing about interviews with transgender and other people on the spectrum about their real-world experiences and success stories.

What do we want to establish?


We want everything to fit in a box, but nothing is a box. Even if you zoom into a pixel, it’s rounded, an opinion and identity are fluid that’s the beauty we need to accept and preserve.

Its beauty lies in the aspect of it being objective, whose subjectivity resides in the complexity of our feelings, employment, and interpretation.

Our goal is to not only spread awareness but to raise acceptance for the LGBTQ community. We aim to fight the stereotypes that guide our lives. Those which stop boys from flaunting nail paints and girls from cutting their hair short. We want to fight the binary. One which the society has created and nature has defied, time and again!

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